Working Here

The Center for Discovery’s workforce currently comprises more than 1500 employees, and the quality of care they provide 365 days a year speaks to their dedication.

Some members of the original team are now leaders of an increasingly diverse array of specialists and care givers, people who are skilled whole-food chefs and expert farmers, therapists of many kinds, nurses, doctors and more.

The Center’s growing reputation, and its emphasis on staff development and training has enabled it to attract talented individuals from all over the United States and beyond. Affiliations with centers of excellence such as Columbia University’s Department of Special Education, Northeastern University’s College of Health Science, Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Computer Science and Harvard’s Medical School, to name just a few, make working at The Center an enriching experience.

Through the Walter J. Scherr Scholarship program, generously funded by a longtime friend and benefactor of The Center, Walter J. Scherr, opportunities for advanced training, continuing education, scholarships and tuition assistance allow staff to grow their careers while working at The Center.

Contact a Human Resources Team Member with any question or concerns. Call (845) 707-8300 or email us at humanresources@tcfd.org