Land Conservation


Land Conservation

By recognizing shared goals that are not always obvious, The Center has cultivated interesting partnerships between seemingly unrelated groups and people.  Understanding that The Center shares the goals of preserving a pristine environment, food security, farmland preservation, and building strong communities with others has allowed it to build partnerships that enable everyone to accomplish more than they could on their own.

The Open Space Institute (OSI) is one important partner which recognizes that The Center for Discovery’s model for agriculture as a sustainable one that supports OSI’s own mission of preserving open vistas and protecting valuable farmland.  This ongoing partnership has returned nearly 750 acres of farmland back to production and brought The Center closer to its goal of providing 100% of its food through its own programs.

Stonewall Preserve, Hurleyville, NY
Stonewall Preserve is a unique partnership between The Center and the Open Space Institute designed to sustain and enhance The Center’s organic and bio-dynamic agricultural efforts. Through private funding, 300 acres of pristine agricultural lands were preserved, enabling The Center to provide superior food products to the individuals utilizing its services while at the same time providing meaningful work opportunities to adults enrolled in its programs. This project also serves as the cornerstone of The Center’s commitment to surrounding communities to revitalize them and create places where staff and families can live in vibrant communities.

Applebee Farm, Hurleyville, NY
A second partnership with the Open Space Institute (OSI) made possible the reclamation of what was once a very productive farm encompassing more than 130 acres. In exchange for retaining the future development rights to the property, OSI assisted with the purchase of  the property, with the remaining funding coming exclusively from private donations.

Grahamsville Farm
The still unnamed Grahamsville Farm will be the site of The Center’s first proposed Farmstead Program.  This program for young adults with autism recognizes the value of agriculture and independent living and is made possible through a partnership with OSI to preserve the farmland, which frees The Center to pursue its goals of food security and providing  innovative programs for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.