Food is Medicine

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Food is Medicine

At the Center for Discovery, we believe food is a basic foundation for health and happiness.  We believe that whole, real food sustains body, mind, and spirit.  Our food is geared to support good health and promote healing, to combat oxidative stress and inflammation, and to provide the very human need for pleasure and community through mealtime. Our menu is whole foods and plant based with a focus on high quality, nutrient dense ingredients that provide optimal nutrition for the individuals we serve. We believe food should be as close to its natural form as possible and processed foods with artificial flavors, colors, and additives should be kept at a minimum.  Foods with artificial ingredients may negatively impact overall health, may increase behaviors in the individuals we serve, and can actually be a major distraction to program delivery.

We strive to produce as much of our own food as possible through Thanksgiving Farm – our certified organic, Demeter certified Biodynamic farm.  It serves as the catalyst for the Center to both provide quality food as well as opportunities for  meaningful work for the people we care for and our staff.  The Farm currently supplies much of the produce and meat needs for the Center as well honey, eggs, apples, and herbs.  We also produce all of our own breads and some baked goods (mostly made with a sourdough base and organic ingredients) from our own wood-fired artisan Bakery.

Additionally, we believe it is important to participate in a food system that is local, sustainable and durable.  We teach our residents and staff the importance of knowing what quality food is and how to acquire it for overall health promotion and disease prevention.  On a daily basis, we are witness to the fact that Food is Medicine.