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Patrick H. Dollard
President & Chief Executive Officer

Under his more than three decades of leadership, The Center has grown from a facility with 30 employees to more than 1,500 full time staff, providing families with a range of educational, clinical and recreational programs.  Mr. Dollard brought together top researchers from around the country  to develop a nationally recognized research program collecting real-time data that has led to cutting-edge breakthroughs in autism intervention. Mr. Dollard also pioneered the development of environmentally advanced health care and educational facilities that utilize energy efficient technologies and sustainable construction materials.

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Theresa M. Hamlin, Ed.D., P.D.
Associate Executive Director

Dr. Hamlin is responsible for the oversight of all areas of program operations, management, curriculum design, and program evaluation.  Since starting at The Center in 1983, she has been developing and directing programs for the promotion of development and health for children and adults with complex developmental disabilities including those with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and severe multiple disabilities.

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Executive Leadership

Phone: (845) 794-1400

Patrick H. Dollard
President and Chief Executive Officer

Theresa M. Hamlin, Ed.D, P.D.
Associate Executive Director

Caryn J. Andersen
Executive Vice President of Admissions

Claude D’Alessandro
Chief Financial Officer

William T. Evans
Vice President of Development
New York City Office

David P. Fanslau
Vice President of Operations and Administration

Marcus E. Floyd
Vice President of Collaboration, Inclusion and Diversity

Richard D. Humleker
Vice President of Development
Harris Office

 Jamie J. Kaminski
Vice President of Human Resources

Thomas J. Burnham
Assistant Vice President for
Development and Environmental Policy

Nicole G. Kinney, PT, DPT
Chief of Clinical Services

Johanna Lantz, Ph.D.
Chief of Psychology

Donald E. Santiago
Chief of Pediatric Program

Alyce T. Sherwood, MACCC/SLP-ATP
Chief of Adult Program

Steven H. Mosenson, Esq.
General Counsel / Corporate Integrity Officer

Suzie Nair, RN, MA
Chief of Health Services

Philip D. Wilken, MD
Medical Director