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The Discovery Circle is a group of siblings and close friends of The Center for Discovery’s extraordinary residents. The Circle is dedicated to raising awareness and support of The Center’s work with children and adults with disabilities, while helping to harvest new connections to its farms and inspired programs. Circle members  support each other, The Center for Discovery, and their loved ones who call it home.

The Discovery Circle organizes or participates in volunteer activities throughout The Center and in New York City. These include:

  • • Receptions and social events that build a support system among members.
  • • Volunteer and service opportunities throughout The Center.
  • • Participation in annual Center events including The Evening of Discovery Gala, The Discovery Golf and Tennis Invitational, Graduation and The Harvest Festival, among others.
  • • Education programs and seminars concerning disabilities.
  • • Presentations from programs within The Center.
  • • Discussions with senior Center administration and staff.
  • • Special Events in New York City that attract interest and support for The Center and its programs.


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Universal Treehouse Project 

TreehouseThe Discovery Circle has committed its recent offers to developing a Universal Treehouse on the grounds of The Center for Discovery for use by its residents, students and visitors. The Treehouse will be prominently located, wheelchair-accessible and will incorporate adaptive technologies and other engaging elements to make it a welcoming retreat and recreation space for all.

There are many opportunities to support this project, including attending Discovery Circle events or making a direct donation at one of the levels below.

  • Leaf Supporter

    Leaf Sponsor

  • Branch Supporter

    Branch Sponsor

  • Initials Sponsor
    Initials Sponsor
    Have up to 3 Initials permanently engraved on the Tree Trunks

  • Walkway Sponsor
    Walkway Sponsor
    Name a Walkway Plank 10′ x 5-1/2″

  • Entrance Plank Sponsor
    Entrance Sponsor
    Name an Entrance Plank 16′ x 5-1/2″

  • Pillar of Support
    Pillar of Support
    Name on one of the Supporting Tree Pillars

    Name Your Pillar  

If you prefer – Enter Another Amount:

If you are interested in joining this group of committed young individuals, please contact:

Bill Evans
Vice President for Development
(845) 707-8505