Music Therapy Program Highlights

2012-2013 Music Therapy Program Highlights

  • In December 2012, the Music Therapy Program hosted a community holiday concert, which allowed staff members and families from around The Center to share their talents with our residents and their families.  The concert featured three choral groups: the original DISCOVERY CHOIR, featuring adult residents singing with staff members; the newly formed NORTH CAMPUS CHOIR; and, the DISCOVER-GLEE CLUB, featuring residents from the South Campus.


  • In April 2013, the Music Therapy Program developed and adopted a more focused treatment model, where participants receive music therapy sessions in a more concentrated format.  Sessions occur up to four times per week for a predetermined time frame (eight to twelve weeks) in either individual or group settings.  Participation in the clinic occurs on a revolving basis, based on a referral process.  Our focus is on the development of higher levels of social interaction and competence.  This new format will afford the students and adults in our program with the opportunity to develop important social skills more directly and efficiently.


  • This past spring, Music Therapist Amanda Ruddy created and implemented a dynamic training opportunity using music as a means of developing communication, leadership and teamwork for a group of staff members at the Ridge Campus who care for children with significant Autism Spectrum Disorders.


  • In June 2013, The Center presented a full scaled production of Shakespeare’s A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, under the direction of  Music Therapy Program Director, Conio Loretto, working from an adapted script by Brendan Kelso.  A group of twenty five young adults rehearsed two days a week for three months before making their big premiere.  Beyond our actors and actresses, the show also came together with the support of staff members, students and adults from around the Center who handled all of the technical aspects of the show – making costumes, painting the scenery, building set pieces, building props, creating the program – so many chipped in to make sure everything was top notch.