Supplemental Therapies

Supplemental therapies at The Center for Discovery integrate the power of personal expression and life enriching experiences with the treatment goals of therapy. 

Music Therapy

Discovery Moments 2011093Services at The Center for Discovery are delivered by a staff of five board-certified music therapists in a variety of formats, including Individual Treatment Sessions, Two-person Treatment Sessions, Small Group Sessions (3-5 participants) and Large Group Sessions (5-8 participants).  Sessions are held in a dedicated treatment space and utilize a variety of specially adapted musical instruments.  The clinical setting for music therapy is non-threatening and supportive while providing a seamless bridge between children and their peers within a shared environment.  This calm structured setting is extremely important for children with developmental disabilities, especially in addressing the challenging behaviors that are common in autism.

During treatment sessions, IMTC music therapists lead interactive music making experiences tailored for the development of specific skills.  Drawing upon natural impulses, each individual becomes fully immersed in the dynamic process of making music by playing instruments and/or vocalizing.

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Therapeutic Pool and Aquatic Therapy

therapeutic-pool-01Aquatic therapy is a therapeutic modality. It is provided by licensed Physical, Occupational, as well as Speech and Language Pathologists, who have been trained to use the unique properties of water to enhance therapy. These sessions are provided on an individual basis and outcomes are geared toward improving function, as well as supporting therapeutic goals.

Benefits include improved mobility and flexibility, strength and endurance, as well as relaxation. The aquatic environment provides individuals with limited mobility the opportunity to move more independently, which increases physical well-being and confidence. It also supports and challenges cardiorespiratory endurance and facilitates increased vocalizations.

For individual with sensory-based needs, aquatic therapy assists to improve body awareness, motor planning, task sequencing and attention to task.


Therapeutic Dance

april 22, 2013-3The Therapeutic Dance Program at The Center for Discovery encourages individuals to explore, discover and embrace the world of dance. Highly trained dance therapists and educators use movement as a powerful tool to promote mental, physical and emotional health and well being.  The program allows individuals to express themselves through non-verbal means of communication. Therapeutic Dance also improves balance, physical mobility, memory, coordination and motor planning. Through dance experiences in the four components of the program (Dance Therapy, Adapted Dance, Dance Education and Creative Movement), individuals learn expressiveness, creativity and build the confidence needed for relationships within the community. Individuals participating in the Therapeutic Dance Program have showcased their talents in holiday concerts, spring shows and community events. The Therapeutic Dance Program Staff also oversees the Center for Discovery Cheerleading Squad and Zumba Intensives.