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Leading Pediatric and Adult Educational, Therapeutic and Residential Care Facility is Largest Employer in Sullivan County, Providing 1,400 Jobs to Catskills Region



(Monticello, NY) – The Center for Discovery, one of the nation’s premier specialty centers for the treatment of children and adults with severe disabilities, medical frailties and Autism Spectrum Disorders, is responsible for generating a total annual economic impact of $184 million to the New York State economy and Mid-Hudson region, according to a independent report released by the organization today. The majority of The Center for Discovery’s expenses for operation of its programs and services, including wages, salaries, materials, supplies and property maintenance is spent in Sullivan County producing a total of approximately $134 million of economic activity for the region as a whole.

With more than 1,400 highly skilled employees across a wide range of positions, The Center for Discovery is also the single largest employer in Sullivan County, as well as one of the largest in the state, the study finds.

“The latest numbers are a testament to The Center’s extraordinary impact on the children, adults and families it serves, as well as on the economic vitality of Sullivan County and beyond,” said Center for Discovery President and CEO Patrick H. Dollard. “Our innovative programming yields not only educational and clinical success, but has contributed to major job growth in the region and serves as a model for cost effective care.”

“What’s most impressive about the economic impact of The Center is not only the jobs it creates but the fact that it saves the state millions of dollars annually as well,” said Senator John J. Bonacic. “By avoiding very costly hospital stays through a unique and comprehensive program of state-of-the-art services and innovative care, The Center has created a healthcare model that works for those who want to create jobs AND lower healthcare costs.”

“The Center for Discovery has long been an exceptional asset to the region and state, for their extraordinary care of high needs patients and their contribution to sustainability and economic growth,” said New York Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther. “From helping to revitalize historic Hurleyville to putting Sullivan County residents to work in good paying jobs, their commitment to the community and surrounding region is unrivaled.”

In the last decade alone, The Center has added nearly $68 million in capital construction and has proven to be a recession-proof workplace, adding an average of nearly 80 employees to its workforce every year. Three quarters of The Center’s annual budget is devoted to salaries, wages and employee benefits, meaning the bulk of expenditures directly benefit Sullivan County, the region and the state.

The majority of The Center’s employees live locally in Sullivan County, producing wages and salaries totaling approximately $37.3 million. Another 238 jobs and $12.6 million in wages provide an economic boon to neighboring counties.

Also among the report’s notable findings:

  • The Center for Discovery directly and indirectly supports more than 2,200 jobs in New York State as of 2011.
  • The Center for Discovery pays over $50 million in direct wages statewide of which $37.3 million is directed to employees who live locally in Sullivan County.
  • The Center for Discovery has invested over $106 million in infrastructure, including nearly $46.5 million added in the past five years and almost $68 million over the last decade. The Center is also seeking to build a new mutli-million   Children’s Specialty Hospital to create an urgent care setting to better diagnose, assess and treat children with severe disabilities.
  • The Center’s regional expenditures for goods and services total more than $12 million. This includes $3.3 million for food and program supplies, $2.4 million for contract and support services, $2.3 million for maintenance and repairs, and $4.2 million for utilities.
  • The Center for Discovery is supported by a diverse funding stream having secured over $33 million in private funding in the last 8 years through a unique public-private partnership that enriches the quality of its offerings and leverages public dollars.
  • The Center for Discovery pays approximately $165,000 in property taxes annually
  • The average annual salary for professional and paraprofessional employees at The Center is $58,000, and for all employees at The Center is approximately $39,600.

“We take a tremendous amount of pride in what we do and how we do it,” continued Dollard.  “Helping to grow and support a community we love is just one of the many wonderful incidental results of the work we are doing.”



About the Center for Discovery:

Headquartered in Harris, The Center for Discovery is a nationally recognized provider of educational, health and residential services for children and adults with severe disabilities and medical frailties, including a growing number of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The Center serves more than 1,000 individuals annually and is the largest pediatric provider for children with significant disabilities in New York State.  Drawing from a diverse population of families across New York State and the New York metropolitan area, The Center serves more than 125 school districts including every borough of New York City and Long Island.

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