The Center provides special education services through a school curriculum based on understanding the individual child, removing obstacles to learning, promoting health and self-regulation and involving family.  The Center has developed a comprehensive model based in current research, which is responsive to each child’s needs and which has been shown to increase academic skills and to help improve a child’s ability to self-regulate, communicate and interact with others.

The Center for Discovery manages the health care of some of the most medically complex children in New York State.  Many of the children residing at The Center have complex conditions requiring multiple interventions, complex medical regimens and extensive monitoring.  A team of highly trained staff including physicians, nurses and clinicians  operate every hour of every day to ensure the medical wellness of every person in our care. This includes 24-hour nursing residences for the adult individuals we care for.

The Center for Discovery is inspired by people with disabilities to evolve new models for living and is committed to providing innovative services, which enable people with disabilities to grow and learn and to ultimately achieve their level of personal independence.  To carry out this commitment, The Center has outlined the following goals as part of the organization’s overall mission:

To provide the highest quality of care available for individuals of all ages

To continuously involve the people in their community

To design and construct adaptive, accessible facilities where people can live, learn, and socialize in a dynamic and personally satisfying environment

To constantly re-evaluate The Center’s goals in response to social, environmental, and technological changes.

The leadership at The Center for Discovery actively seeks to develop new, innovative, and non-traditional programs that offer fresh approaches to meeting the needs of persons with disabilities.