Residential Services


Residential Services

The Center’s approach to the design of residential programs is based on the idea that while individual impairments cannot be ignored, they need not be limitations. A great deal of thought, planning and effort goes into creating opportunities for each resident to develop their potential, to make choices, and to discover and develop abilities in every aspect of their life.


Pediatric residences are home to children from the age of 5 to 21. The program and the environments themselves are informed by the belief that all children can be motivated, challenged and developed as complete individuals.

The Center’s beautiful pediatric campus is shaped by this ideal, and includes an outdoor learning environment, creative classroom spaces and comfortable residences. This is a place for children to explore, discover and grow. On-site medical, physical, and psychological support is administered through clinics for primary medicine, dental services, neurology, orthopedics, psychiatry, podiatry and many more specialties.

The Center’s campus-like setting is ideal for outdoor and nature-based lessons. Fishing, camping, lessons in animal husbandry, and plant and animal identification all foster a sense of connectedness between individuals and their surroundings.

Adaptations are made at every turn to engage children in activities such as gardening, sledding and skiing, and therapeutic horseback riding (Equine Assisted Therapy). A swimming pool and gymnasium provide the children with dynamic spaces in which to move, learn and play, and the music therapy program provides a unique and powerful way for children to expand their creativity, learn about themselves, and grow as individuals.


The Adult Services Program at The Center offers residential-living options to individuals over the age of 21. In support of its mission to help everyone reach their full potential, each of The Center’s adult homes is designed to accommodate different levels of independence and to give individuals the opportunity to develop as part of a community.

The program emphasizes individual preferences and community participation by providing a wide variety of activities that enhance and support residents to achieve their full potential. Exercise classes, yoga, swimming, concerts, sporting events and enrichment classes at the local college are just a few examples of the many possibilities for growth.