Partners in Education


Partners in Education

The Center for Discovery has been committed to ensuring that children receive the highest level of care and support in the most appropriate settings.  The Center’s caring professionals are dedicated to continually advancing new models of care that provide expert support services to children, families, and schools.

The Professional Training and Resource Center at The Center for Discovery will provide expert level instruction and services for school district personnel, direct best practice services to children diagnosed with complex neurological conditions, including Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), and training to families seeking to maintain their child in the least restrictive environment possible.  The Center will launch its full-service training program in order to address the needs of the increasing number of children with complex developmental disabilities, especially Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Training in the treatment of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders  (ASD) and other neurological conditions will be conducted by experienced and credentialed instructors and will be delivered in school settings or in the home.

Providing the following:
• Highly trained 1:1 aides supervised and employed by The Center for Discovery for children in the school district.
• Training for teachers of all disciplines/subjects in the skills needed to support students with ASD in the classroom
• Training Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapists and other clinicians in the most current treatment techniques and protocols.
• Parent education and counseling in the home or in the school.
• Mindfulness Training
• Real-time coaching instruction to 1:1 aides employed by the school district.

The Program
The goal of the Professional Training and Resource Center is to provide expert level instruction and services for children diagnosed with complex neurological conditions, such as autism, for school district personnel, and for families seeking to maintain their children in the least restrictive environment.  The program uses well-documented evidence-based practices to ensure that the interventions that are implemented are working. Services are provided on a flexible basis, with hourly, daily, and annual rates available.  These rates are based on the services selected.

The Center for Discovery Core Services
The Center for Discovery continues to operate a comprehensive Day School Program for children with extreme forms of autism who typically present with co-occurring psychiatric conditions and are unable to succeed inside a typical school classroom.  The Center also operates a Residential Program designed for children who were placed in out-of-state programs or who are at risk of being placed out of state because of significant and complex developmental disorders such as autism and other chronic medical conditions.

The Center for Discovery Highly Trained Staff
Staff employed in the training division at The Center for Discovery are supervised by Doctorate and Masters level clinicians and special educators, including those with Board Certified Behavior Analyst certification.  Staff are trained and oriented to use best practice, evidence-based interventions including behavioral analysis, and positive behavioral intervention supports to shape a child’s response to the environment.  The Center uses an integrated approach, with medical, clinical, educational, and research professionals under one roof, resulting in a highly skilled workforce that is cross-trained in a variety of disciplines.  The Center also incorporates a whole-systems appreciation and orientation to care, health and instruction.
Staff expertise includes identifying the underlying conditions that may be the source of challenging behavioral patterns in children with autism.  Technology, such as Q-Sensor bands by Affectiva that measure covert psychological factors through electro-dermal activity, coupled with video-monitoring can also be employed unobtrusively for a more objective understanding of the root causes or underlying function of the challenging behavior and dysregulation often displayed by children with autism.

The Center for Discovery accepts Medicaid and most major insurances.  Please call for more information.  Most services are billed hourly or per session, with the exception of the 1:1 aide contracts and on-going training, which can be billed monthly or annually.

Please Contact Erica Ropke-Polanis
Phone: 845.707.8483 or eropke@tcfd.org