The Synergy Project

A partnership…A synergy comes to life between seemingly unrelated entities, each sharing a common, humble beginning and they grow and gain energy as they connect, share and distribute their findings. This is what we are seeing with the Research Faculty at The Center for Discovery. Researchers, Scholars, Scientists, Builders, Artists, Agrarians and Educators are coming together to tackle and help solve complex questions and scenarios concerning disabilities and living. Their commencement is taking form to become a renown institute for thinking about health and human care – an innovation for a livable future.

The Synergy Project  seeks to leverage diverse thinking in the approach to the art and science of human caring through the synergy of ideas across the cultures of education science, humanities and business. Partnerships with Hospitals, Universities, Business Leaders and Health Care Facilities seek to maximize energy, collaboration and innovation in creating environments for living. With one mission and infinite possibilities, the Synergy Project will look to create new business ventures, bring innovations and solutions, integrate technologies and invent new models for living.