Adapted Physical Education

The Adapted Physical Education team approach is based on a “can do” attitude.  We believe that any sport or activity can be accessed by our students by using a creative approach to thinking.  The team provides traditional sporting opportunities like baseball and basketball, but also looks at non-traditional sports like Frisbee Golf and our own version of Geocaching.  Over the years, the team also has created signature games like our annual Hill Ball unit!  We believe that whatever your ability you should have the opportunity to play any game!

In addition to providing sports and games we also concentrate on providing our students with a highly structured, vigorous activities and routines.  At the Center we are aware that increased aerobic exercise can be helpful for our students by managing stress, anxiety and behavioral levels.  These decreased levels of arousal help the student back in the classroom have an increased attention to task for maximal learning to take place.   Furthermore, an on-going analysis of current methods of student’s vigorous exercise is routinely checked and updated as needed.

Adapted Physical Education also focus’ its teachings at the Aquatics Facility.  The students are taught skills from basic safety awareness to stroke development.  Upon arrival at the pool, the multidisciplinary team begins by teaching students safe practices entering  the aquatics area as well as safe practices in and around the water.  The goal of the team is to have each student achieve maximal safety and skill development whether it is building confidence in the shallow end to independent swimming in the deep end.  Each student is assessed and met where they are at and progressive steps are taken to ensure skill growth.

The APE team also provides additional activities to identified student athletes.  Some of the opportunities include climbing a 50 foot Alpine Tower, participate on a traveling Challenger Little League team, downhill skiing at Ski Windham, as well as take a trip to see a AAA baseball team.