Advanced Care & Research


Advanced Care and Research

Research is a critical component of The Center for Discovery’s commitment to providing the highest level of comprehensive care for adults and children with significant developmental disabilities and medical frailties, including Autism Spectrum Disorders.

The purpose of research is to help The Center assess the success of its efforts to improve the medical and behavioral status of the individuals in its care along with the efficacy of intervention and methodology. With its integrated team of researchers from leading academic institutions, The Center possesses the expertise to undertake innovative studies with the potential to enrich, inform, and improve models of care to benefit children and families whose lives are impacted by significant disabilities.

Demonstrating the Effectiveness of Our Treatment Model

Over three decades of work, The Center for Discovery has developed a unique whole body treatment approach for people with developmental disabilities, which features comprehensive clinical services, a nutritious diet, vigorous exercise and innovative teaching methods.  The model is based on the premise that a person’s environment, both internal and external, can be a facilitator or a barrier to their individual development and health status.

The Center’s programs and interventions, based in this model, are designed to reduce both internal and external stressors and build greater resilience, so children and adults can function at a higher level.  This approach has resulted in marked observable changes in behavior and increased health and wellness for children and adults currently living at The Center for Discovery.

Through its research efforts, The Center seeks to provide evidence for these remarkable changes.  By measuring changes in behavior, nutrition, exercise tolerance, stress, lab values and brain function, The Center will document and discover not only that its program is making important changes, but the ways that these changes work.