Economic Impact Statement

Economic Impact Statement


Harris, NY. , January 27, 2012 – According to an independent analysis, The Center for Discovery is one of the largest economic engines in Sullivan County’s history, providing more than 1,400 jobs and generating an economic impact of $134 million annually. Statewide, that striking figure jumps another $50 million, meaning that The Center’s total annual economic impact in New York is an impressive $184 million.*

“The data confirms that The Center for Discovery is a major regional economic force, and while that is an important part of our story, it isn’t all of it,” says Patrick H. Dollard, President and CEO. “What is more telling is the work we do every day, and the role we have assumed as a national leader in developing innovative care for children and adults with severe disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. Our strong commitment to patient care, education and research makes us a model in our industry.”

With a proposed $20 million dollar project to build a High-Risk Assessment Clinic in Harris that will add some 200 new jobs in Phase One and an additional 200 in Phase Two, The Center will become an even larger economic engine in the years ahead.

“The Assessment Clinic is the only project of its kind,” says Dr. Theresa Hamlin, The Center’s Associate Executive Director. “We feel strongly that it will not only be a game-changer for New York but for the entire world.”

Significant infrastructure enhancements and expanding services is nothing new for The Center, which has invested over $106 million in infrastructure, including nearly $46.5 million in capital construction in the past five years and almost $68 million in the past decade, most of it performed by Sullivan County contractors.

Highlights from the analysis show:

  • The Center’s economic impact on New York State amounts to $184 million,$134 million of that in Sullivan County.
  • The Center supports more than 2,200 direct and indirect jobs and pays over $50 million in direct wages in the State, most of that to residents of SullivanCounty.*
  • Every dollar spent by The Center on operations, supplies and personnel generates an additional $2.05 for the state’s overall economy.*
  • The Center’s regional expenditures for goods and services total more than $12 million annually.
  • The Center for Discovery currently pays approximately $165,000 in local Sullivan County school and property taxes.
  • The Center has raised over $33 million in private funding in the last eight years.

*Data is based on the multipliers used by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

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