The Music Therapists at the Center for Discovery practice an improvisational approach to Music Therapy, based on the pioneering work of Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins. Utilizing this approach, improvised music is created by the therapist to reflect and support the responses a person may bring to a session. Whether someone taps a few keys on the piano, hums assorted pitches or bangs away on the drum, it becomes their music. The music may even occur based on the way the person is sitting, the affect he or she is emoting or a simple look or smile. Regardless, the music becomes a meaningful expression of the person and for the person.

The Heather Saretsky Music Therapy Internship Program at The Center for Discovery is designed so that students learn in an enriching, supportive environment at a pace that supports steady growth towards professional competence and independence. As such, the internship is comprised of two distinct training periods, each 12 to 15 weeks in length (determined by the Center’s academic calendar), with start dates in September, January and April.

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