The Center for Discovery Department of Nourishment Arts  program is seeking a chef trainer to work in a multi-faceted role. The primary role would be to function as a member of our cook training residential team. This person will provide instruction and education in the area of preparing meals, healthy diets, choice making and skill acquisition to the individuals and staff who live and work at the center.  In addition the chef will provide the residential and Dayhab support, guidance and over site of the kitchen vegetable and herb gardens.

Through this training and apprentice type programing,  the chef will be responsible to harvest, order, inventory and prepare nutrient dense seasonal farm to table cuisine using quality foods, while maintaining safe kitchen management. The candidate will be responsible to prepare meals following medical recommendations and proper food consistencies for each resident and present in an appealing manner.


An interest in whole foods cooking, vegetable gardening and cooking experience are required. This role will require hands on assisting with the individuals who live in our program in addition to teaching and supporting staff training and education. This is a full-time position where working weekends and holidays is required. Additionally, candidates will have a minimum of 1 year experience teaching others.  A GED or High School diploma is minimally required.

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