Whole-Body Disorder – Workshop Registration

The Center for Discovery’s A Whole-Body Disorder,
Integrating Body and Brain Treatments in Autism Spectrum Disorder
A Day of Workshops

The Michael Richie Big Barn
103 Mitteer Rd, Hurleyville, NY, 12747
Saturday, October 17th, 2015



This program is designed specifically for families who want more information about co-occuring medical problems often seen in children with autism.

Interactive sessions will offer new options and techniques to go beyond “the way it’s always done.” The topics of sleep, nutrition, eating, cooking, stress and exercise will be explored in workshops that are meaningful and with strategies you can “take home” and implement immediately with your family.


Did you know children with autism not only have problems with social communication and
repetitive play, but they can have many health problems that might be misdiagnosed or
untreated? Recent studies have shown that several medical conditions are much more prevalent in people with autism than others without autism including sleep problems, constipation, anxiety and stress, immune problems, gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, seizures, obesity, severeheadaches, asthma, ear and respiratory infections.
This conference is designed for parents who want to know more about the health problems in
autism and what to do about these problems. The sessions will be informative and practical, so that parents leave with strategies that they can implement to help their child at home. World renowned experts will lead the sessions and The Center for Discovery experts will be on hand to help parents who want help understanding how to implement certain strategies with their children.



Patrick H. Dollard – President and Chief Executive Officer, The Center for
Discovery. The Center is an internationally renowned provider of research,
intervention and residential services for children and adults with developmental
disabilities and medical complexities, including autism spectrum disorders. The
Center pioneered the development of environmentally advanced health care and
educational facilities such as The Discovery Health Center, and The Thanksgiving
Farm CSA. The Center is developing a Regional Children’s Assessment Center
and Skilled Nursing Facility and has a major project underway in Hurleyville.
Theresa Hamlin, Ed.D., P.D., is the Associate Executive Director of The Center for
Discovery, which is a national premier specialty center for the advanced care of
individuals with developmental disabilities, medical frailties and Autism
Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She is an internationally known expert and educator in
the area of special education, developmental disabilities and ASD. She has
served as expert advisor to leaders of developing countries. Dr. Hamlin leads
research efforts at The Center looking at responses to intervention for children
with ASD at the Discovery School. She is involved in the establishment of an
integrated, short-term stay Assessment Center for children with ASD. She is also
involved in the development of the Health E6 comprehensive approach to treating
autism, and has recently authored a book, “Autism and the Stress Effect”.
Terry Katz, Ph.D. is a Senior Instructor with Distinction and psychologist at the
University of Colorado School of Medicine in the Department of Pediatrics. She
established a sleep behavior clinic for children with neurodevelopmental
disorders at Children’s Hospital in Colorado, co-chaired the Autism
Speaks/Autism Treatment Network Sleep Committee, conducts research on
sleep and autism spectrum disorders and is particularly interested in the ways in
which parents can be taught to help improve their children’s sleep.
Kara Gross Margolis, M.D. is an Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics,
Columbia University Medical Center in the Department of Gastroenterology,
Divsion of Pediatric Gastroenterology. She is a leading research specialist in the
brain-gastrointestinal link in Autism Spectrum Disorder and a member of the
research committee at The Center for Discovery.
John Ratey, M.D. is a psychiatrist and an Associate Clinical Professor of
Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School with extensive publications. He is a leading
expert on the neuropsychiatry of Autism Spectrum Disorder and effect of exercise
and energy regulation in the treatment of ASD. He is also a member of the
research committee at The Center for Discovery.
Stephan Rechtschaffen, M.D. author of Timeshifting, is cofounder of the Omega
Institute and creator and director and visionary of Blue Spirit Costa Rica in
Nosara. He has been teaching Manifest Your Vision for more than 20 years and
regularly consults with centers, organizations, and businesses in this emerging
field. For decades, he has been involved in developing communities that model
sustainable and spiritual dimensions of living a more wholesome and authentic
lifestyle. He has served and currently serves as a consultant or board member to
many organizations that promote this type of work, including Upaya Zen Center,
The Center for Discovery, and GeoFund.
Katherine L. Tucker, Ph.D. is a Professor of Nutritional Epidemiology,
Department of Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences, University of
Massachusetts Lowell. She also has adjunctive faculty appointments at the
University of Massachusetts Medical School and Tufts University. She is an
author of over 250 peer reviewed articles and her research focuses on dietary
intake and risk of chronic illness. She is a member of the research committee at
The Center for Discovery.
George Todd, M.D. is the Chair of the Department of Surgery at St. Luke’s-
Roosevelt Hospital and is an author on over 100 publications in his field. He is
currently the Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board at The Center for Discovery
and has served on the Board of Directors for many years.


The Center for Discovery
Founded by parents in the 1940’s, The Center for
Discovery is a well-respected internationally
known organization that serves children and adults
with complex disabilities including those with
autism spectrum disorders. The program offers
educational, medical, clinical and residential
programs and has the largest Children’s
Residential Project (CRP) program in New York
The Center was awarded a grant from Office for
People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD)
aimed at keeping children with autism in the most
integrated settings. This grant will provide
education and training to parents who have
children with autism of all ages.