ASSET Testimonials

ASSET Summaries and Parent Testimonials: 


“It’s very rare to find a service that can be provided to you and your family within your own home and based on the times of the day and or night that the help or guidance is needed the most.”

– Parent of two brothers on the spectrum. The boys were assessed and have already, together with their families and school personnel, completed the education and training program curricula, with a high degree of satisfaction for both family members and school personnel. The parents report significant improvement in sleep patterns, a significant outcome and in-line with ASSET’s goal to delay or prevent residential placement, as sleep disorders in children with ASD are a major contributing factor in residential placement consideration. The parents also noted a decrease in problematic behaviors, and school personnel report significant improvement in communication and consistency across home and school environments, leading to decreased problematic behaviors and increased opportunities for learning and growing at school, as well as increased opportunities for self-direction.

“I enjoyed brainstorming with the other members of the program who came to the house & coming up with joint ideas on what would work for our particular household.”

– Parent of a young man who was presented to the ASSET evaluation team with difficulty in transitions, specific routines, and ritualistic behavior that generally interfered with his own functioning and that of his family.  Strategies were developed to successfully desensitize Ryan to environmental triggers, alter routines to allow more appropriate family interaction, and build a successful working schedule to assist with transitions throughout his day. His entire family were active participants of the team and continued to practice the strategies suggested throughout entire intervention period.

 “The fact that my son is now able to be flexible and that I can create a schedule for him using a piece of paper and a pen, has been life changing for Ray and for my family.”

– This parent contacted The Center to praise the parent training staff assigned to her home. The ASSET in-home staff worked to develop visual, temporal and other supports to structure the child’s day when at home, and to train the child’s parents on implementing those supports when staff aren’t present. The parent called to report that her husband had an medical emergency and required immediate treatment at a hospital. The child’s mother used the skills taught to her by ASSET staff, wrote out a schedule for the child’s afternoon and reviewed it with him. She was, for the first time in the child’s life, able to leave him home with a friend, and there were no behavioral episodes in her absence.

“The program has yielded more benefits than I thought it would! It is great to have people who are working in the home and the school simultaneously and the continuity between the two environments has had a huge effect on my son’s confidence.” 

-This mom is particularly happy with the schedules that the trainers helped to create. Her son now has more control over his mealtimes and is more relaxed and happy and as a result his diet and eating has improved.  In the past, mealtime was a stressful and tearful time for this family as L has severe food aversions.  He does participate in the Center’s Food Exploration and Discovery program but most has recently has some unexplained weight loss.  Mom was delighted that the ASSET team was able to help her get an appointment this past Friday, with Dr. Kara Gross-Margolis, Gastroenterologist, who will be working with this family on a “whole child approach” to his recent medical issues.

“I believe that the ASSET program is great and would like to tell other parents that they need to be patient. Let the trainers get to know the child and then they will begin to find ways to develop their skills and teach them in ways they can be successful.”

– This parent says her son’s confidence has grown as a direct relation to his services in the ASSET program.  Once a boy that was either passive or inattentive during challenging activities, now has more confidence that he is able to develop and grow and learn many new skills. He is also expressing his likes and dislikes. An example mom gave was that after years of eating a rice dish that she cooks for him, the boy declared last week that he does not like rice.  This is the first time mom can remember him ever expressing a like or dislike for something and she is delighted that he is now telling her.

“The best result of the ASSET services has been a decrease in C’s aggression and tantrum behavior. The visuals (first/then schedule and core communication board) were the strategies I liked best and thought were most beneficial. I would absolutely recommend the ASSET program to families. It would benefit any child with any developmental delays or behavioral issues. As a result C is more receptive to do things. The visuals really helped and his communication is better. I previously heard good things about The Center for Discovery so I expected the trainings would work out well and they did. If I had to recommend anything it would be more time in the program.”

 – Submitted by C’s Community Habilitation Worker, Sandra. 

“I liked that the team took the time to help us and to really listen to our needs. The strategies implemented, especially the visual strategies, were very helpful.  For example, the schedule and behavioral charts helped me to use less verbal prompting overall.  The visuals even helped my husband to be more involved.  The resources from the ASSET program opened up a whole new world to us to deal better with everyday life. I wish there were more resources like it out there. If I had to improve anything about the program it would be to add more time beyond 10 weeks. I have recommended the program to everyone I encounter!”

 – Submitted by a parent.