ASSET Program

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Initial Findings
Upon initial review of 50 children whom ASSET has provided services to, our data demonstrates that along with prevalent behavioral concerns, the children also have multiple heath issues. Our comprehensive services address the child’s overall behavioral, health, clinical and educational well-being.


The Assessment, Support, Education and Training (ASSET) Program
by The Center for Discovery

The Center for Discovery has been awarded by OPWDD and the New York State Department of Health, the designation of Center of Excellence in the care and treatment of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and other complex disabilities.

The ASSET program addresses the urgent needs of children living in New York State with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), their families, caregivers, teachers, and school personnel, as well as service providers or other individuals responsible for supporting children with ASD.

The ASSET Program is organized by and run under the auspices of The Center for Discovery which is able to utilize it’s extensive resources across administration, human resources, development, finance, legal, corporate compliance, service coordination, and marketing and communications as well as existing partnerships with the some of the nation’s leading hospitals and universities, to ensure success of the program.

Who We Serve:
ASSET serves children with developmental disabilities, primarily autism, who live at home in New York.

Services Offered:
– Multi-disciplinary assessments, including behavioral, educational, clinical and medical;
– Training and in-home follow-up for families;
Education and in-classroom support for teachers and their school personnel;
Training and education programs for the community.
– Advanced Technology

Program Summary:
The Center for Discovery has been awarded a Balancing Incentive Program (BIP) Transformation Grant  to develop and implement a continuum of community-based services for children (ages 5-18) with developmental disabilities, primarily Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The primary goal is to increase the availability and effectiveness of services and supports in the home, school and community environments while ultimately aiming to reduce or prevent life-long institutional placements.

The Assessment, Support, Education and Training (ASSET) Program provides comprehensive services and employs a multidisciplinary team  of professionals with the expertise to address the multitude of symptoms and behaviors experienced by children with ASD. Our community-based program is the first step in providing a comprehensive continuum of services to children with ASD and is expected to be followed by a second step, the initiation of a short-term clinical respite program regulated and funded through the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD).  The ASSET program strives to fully satisfy the expressed needs of OPWDD, the New York State Department of Education, and the parents/educators that we work with.

The ASSET program provides/offers the following:
Integrated multidisciplinary assessments across diverse environments, and individualized planning and interventions for up to 100 children diagnosed with developmental disabilities, primarily ASD.

Robust training and education to 500 teachers, school personnel, and other professionals, as well as 100 families in response to the ever-growing needs of schools, families, and communities throughout New York alike.

Development and implementation of a system to collect and aggregate behavioral, educational, and clinical data in both school and home environments, which will ultimately be used to measure program outcomes. Data collected will also be used to understand, through analysis, which interventions are most successful for children with ASD who present with similar and also unique needs. Further, data collected will be used to develop eligibility criteria for both continuing day assessment and future short-term stay assessment services.