The Integrated Arts Department brings together therapists, educators and specialists in the areas of outdoor recreation, adaptive sports, horticulture, music, dance and theatre. Our team designs enriching experiences that unlock potential and excites participants to explore, learn and grow. Observed benefits of these experiences include a notable increase in happiness and engagement, better health and an emerging sense of identity through personal achievement. These programs also provide a seamless bridge to connect with and be a part of the surrounding community.

Built on the premise that every person is capable of discovering joy, our Recreation Department plans and implements a variety of dynamic outdoor experiences that often challenge the perception of what is possible for people with significant needs. All experiences are designed and adapted to provide safe and exciting opportunities both on campus and in the surrounding Catskill communities. The wide range of activities offered by our Recreation team includes adaptive boating/kayaking, downhill and cross country skiing, camping, fitness training, hiking, maple sugaring, recreational horseback riding, snowshoeing, swimming and woodworking.

Music Therapy
Our team of Board Certified Music Therapists engages individuals in interactive music making experiences that are tailored for the development of specific skills. Drawing upon natural impulses, music therapists use clinical improvisation to engage participants so they become fully immersed in the process of making music by playing instruments and/or singing. This process becomes the impetus for communication, social interaction, and self-expression. Music therapy happens in a number of contexts, including individual and group treatment sessions and within ensembles and performing groups, including our own rock band and choir, which hold performances throughout the year.

Therapeutic Dance
Our Therapeutic Dance Program inspires children and adults to explore, discover and embrace the world of dance. Registered dance therapists and educators use creative movement as a tool to promote enhanced health and well-being. Beyond the obvious physical benefits, participants in our Therapeutic Dance Program also build skills for self-expression, creativity and self-confidence. Our program is delivered in a variety of formats, including therapeutic sessions, dance classes (including ballet, jazz, tap and Zumba) and social groups (including our very own cheerleading squad). Program participants have also showcased their talents in holiday concerts, spring shows and community events.

Therapeutic Horticulture
Our horticulture specialists do not underestimate the benefits of getting one’s hands in the soil. Tending a garden provides vast opportunities for improved physical development, cognitive abilities and social interaction. Opportunities for gardening occur throughout the year as participants join in every step of planning and maintaining a garden, from the greenhouse to the field. Our gardens also provide a rich, multisensory experience that heightens the connection to one’s self, others and the greater world around them.

Dramatic Arts Program
Participants in our dramatic arts program are taught the basics of what it means to be on stage, which in turn provides tools for success in everyday life. In addition to taking classes in the dramatic arts, our actors and actresses are provided with opportunities to perform in productions for their families and friends. Individuals take on roles behind the scenes as well, assisting with everything from costume and set construction to stage management and publicity. Productions ultimately become an achievement shared by many from within the Center’s community, not just those on stage. Past productions have included “The Wizard of Oz”, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “A Christmas Carol” and “Guys and Dolls”.